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Passing Regents Exams

It doesn’t matter if the Regents Exams are a year away or a month from now, you need to pass them to graduate from High School and progress. Maybe you are thinking, “How am I going to pass all of these different exams that tests a year or more worth of classes?” It can be stressful to have a week devoted just to Regents Exams, but you can do it.

In this informative portal you have everything you need to know about the NY Regent Exams. Tips, tricks, news, resources… We put everything at your disposal. Follow this guide closely:

  • Take advantage of our tools and tips
  • Interact with other students
  • Share your resources with them
  • Use their resources to help you

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GCSE Flashcards
Math Regents

How many Regents exams are there?

You must take five Regents exams and you need to score a 65 or more to get a NY Regents Diploma. The exams are the following:

  • Math (usually Algebra 1)
  • Social exams: Global History/Geography and U.S History and Government
  • Common Core English Language Arts
  • Science Exam (e.g. Earth Science or Living Environment/Biology)



Regents Study Resources

Need inspiration or just a different way of looking at a subject? On GoConqr you will find resources created by students that are either preparing for or have completed the NY Regents Exams cycle.

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Regents Tools

Regents Tools

Preparing for the Regents Exams should be more than just taking piles of notes. It should be an engaging and enjoyable activity. Our tools make it that way. Visualise topics, get an overview of a subject and connect ideas with Mind Maps. Memorize key definitions using Flashcard decks and keep track of your progress using the Quiz and Note making tools.

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Regents Revision Tips

Do you spend you time looking for Regents revision tips online? No need. At GoConqr, we have experts that have been there, done that and wear the t-shirt. When you are done looking over subject material and resources, check out some of our Revision Tips!

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Regents Tips

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